Translation + Proofreading Pack (18k – 45k)


Translation + Proofreading Pack (18k – 45k)


Proofreading and editing your original book, and also a high-quality translation at the best market price. (English-Spanish)
[Delivery in 12-15 business days]



Translating your book gives you the benefit of attracting millions of people around the world with your book, it also gives you more readers and profits. Being aware of the power of books in this regard, our team of experts pays the utmost attention to detail during the course of your translation project. When the first step of the project is completed, your native team of editors checks your document to eliminate any typographical or stylistic errors.

This company offers you to translate your book and ensure that your message can reach the Spanish-speaking public in the best possible way.

In the same way, we are aware of the fact that just a single misspelling or omission can change the whole context of your book. Therefore, our team of editors checks every single sentence to provide you with an error-free target text. Proofreaders ensure that the document’s final draft is completely free of grammatical errors such as subject-verb agreement problems, incorrect word choices, improper punctuation usage, and incorrect spelling, as well as formatting and typographical errors. Besides, they make sure the document adheres to the chosen style.

Then your document is ready to be published online, this means that your content has already been organized, well written and easy to understand.

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